Car Sales Invoice Template

Car sales invoice template is a pre-constructed layout of a bill which contains lineation for detailing the selling of a car. This document also serve as an evidence for the party i.e the authority who is selling the car and the one to whom it is being sold. Typically, such a bill of sale can also be presented in case of any discrepancy occurred from any of the involved party. Moreover, such a document is needed to be presented as paperwork to the bank if the car is purchased on loan.

You can Download the Free Car Sales Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Car Sales Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Car Sales Invoice Template

Car Sales Invoice Template

Download Car Sales Invoice Template

Car Sales Invoice

Invoice no:

Name of the shop: ______ [specify the name of the shop from where the invoice is being presented]

Address of the shop ______________ [contact details of the same]

Date: ______________[date is one of the important parameter in such an invoice as it signifies when it is being released]

Car Model _______________ [mention the name of the car model that is being purchased by the customer]

Price _____________[specify the price of the particular car model]

Additional Features [Mention about the additional features added by the buyer  for customizing the car model] Amount [specify amount of each additional feature]
  • ___________[ additional feature 1]
_________[amount  considered for feature 1]
  • ___________[ additional feature 2]
_________[amount  considered for feature 2]
  • ___________[ additional feature 3]
_________[amount  considered for feature 3]
Total Cost:_______________________________[specify the total cost after customization]
STATEMENT FOR USED VEHICLE MODEL: [Enunciate details in this section if the car model is 2nd hand]

Year model ____________

Registration Number ______________

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