Construction Work Invoice Template

The construction work invoice template is important for providing the customers the necessary details of the construction work done by the construction company so that they make the required payment that has been rendered. This is a very important document as it also serves as a record for future convenience and to avoid any such confusion from either party. The construction work invoice template can also be customized as per the requirements of the different construction companies.

You can Download the Free Construction Work Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Construction Work Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Construction Work Invoice Template:

Construction Work Invoice Template

Download Construction Work Invoice Template

Construction Invoice of _______________
[State the registered company name here]
Invoice no.: _______________________ [ Mention the number of the invoice]

Invoice Date:____/__/_______ [dd/mm/yy]

Construction Company Contact Information:- [State all the required contact details of the company]


Phone no:_________

Email Address:___________

Customer Contact Information:

Name of Customer: ____________________ [Specify the name of the customer for whom the construction work has been completed]

Address: _____________________

Preferred Mode of Payment:______________ [Specify the customer’s choice of payment here]

Construction Work Information: [Specify the details of the construction]
Date [State the dates of construction accordingly] Material [state each individual material that was required for the construction work] Equipment Labor Quantity [Specify the quantity used. Also mention the cost per unit in brackets next to the quantities] Total Units   Used
Cost and Payment Details: [Mention the details of the cost incurred and the payment required to be made]

Total Material/Equipment Charges:___________

Labor Charges:________

Other Expenses:__________

Service Tax:_____________

Grand Payable Amount: ________________

Signature:__________________ [An official sign or company seal is needed to be provided here]

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