Consultant Invoice Template

Consultant invoice template is a tool by the help of which a consultant could keep track of the services that has been delivered and the charges owed by him due to it. Additionally, this kind of document must also include other important lineation like the time-line of the service, information regarding how to pay etc. Hence, such a document has to be constructed effectively by ensuring all the points are rightly maintained.

You can Download the Free Consultant Invoice Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Consultant Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Consultant Invoice Template

Consultant Invoice Template

Download Consultant Invoice Template

Consultant Invoice
Invoice Number [a number that would help to keep track of the invoice]
Dated [ the date of issuing the consultant invoice]
[explicate the contact details of the consultancy company and client company elaborately]


_____________ [name of the consultancy firm or consultant]


_____________[contact number]


____________ [name of the client’s company]


____________[contact number]

For the ___________[name the type of consulting services] consulting services provided to the area of _________[specify the area providing the consultation] at a rate of _______[mention the rate]
Task of the project Days or hours devoted charges
Total number of days the services are being provided:

Total cost incurred:

Tax in percentage:

Any due from the last billing invoice: ______________ [mention the amount outstanding from the previous billing invoice]

Preferred Payment Mode:[mention the mode by which the consultant wish to acquire his outstanding payment from the present invoice]

  • Cash/ Cheque
  • NEFT
  • Money Order
  • Through Master or VISA cards
  • Other please specify ___________
Authorization of the consultant: [a signature, stamp or seal has to be affixed in order to made the document viable]

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