Contractor Invoice Template

A contractor invoice template is a prebuilt layout which outlines the summary of charges that is to be charged to the customer or client for delivering services or goods rendered on a contractual basis. This serves as a record for both the side as it is a statement which denotes what service has been provided and how much cost has incurred. However, in order to ensure its utmost relevancy one must create a proper layout, appropriate for the particular contractor job. Talking from a building contractor to freelance writer, every form of contractor do requires to submit invoice.

You can Download the Free Contractor Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Contractor Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Contractor Invoice Template

Contractor Invoice Template

Download Contractor Invoice Template

_____________ Invoice

[Specify a name of the invoice at the letter-head of the document.]

Business/individual’s name: ________________ [State the name of the business or an individual by whom the invoice is being presented.]

Contact details ___________________ [State the contact details on the initial section so that it could be referred for future need.]

Payment period ____________ [Mention the period for which the payment has to be done for the services that has been rendered on contract basis.]

Date: ______________ [specify the date of issuing the invoice or making the payment]

Quantity Item Amount
Discount _______________ [Mention if any discount is being provided on the services]

Sum total amount (including all taxes) ______________________ [Specify the grand total amount that is needed to be paid by the customer or client to the service provider.]

Payment option: ___________________ [Mention the mode of making the payment.]

Due amount: _________ [Mention the amount yet to be paid.]

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