Employee Job Invoice Template

An Employee job invoice template is a pre-constructed format used for detailing the expenses incurred by the employee (s) of an office for accomplishing the official task assigned to them successfully. Generally, this kind of invoices is released every month for the purpose of making the required payment. Moreover, this kind of invoices is served as a record for both the employee and organization to keep a track of the same for future reference. It also helps in maintaining the cash inflow and outflow within an organization.

You can Download the Free Employee Job Invoice Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Employee Job Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Employee Job Invoice Template

Employee Job Invoice Template

Download Employee Job Invoice Template

Job Invoice____________________[name of the business organization]


____________________[contact information]

Website _________________ [website address]

Invoice No:[specify the unique number for the invoice]
Date of issuing the invoice
Time-line [specify the time-line for which the payment of the employee is due]
Payment to be made: [explicate the details of the employee for whom the particular invoice is being drafted]_____________[name of the employee]

_____________ [job  position of the employee]

_____________ [address of the employee]

_____________[contact information]

  • Basic Salary
  • House Rent Allowance
  • Medical reimbursement:
  • Transport reimbursement
  • Food coupon
  • Travel allowance
  • Other variable allowance
  • Deduction for gratuity, provident fund, health insurance: _______________ [specify the deduction amount individually]
  • Service Tax: _________________ [mention the tax in percentage that is being deducted from the total salary]

Total amount to be paid _____________ [mention the grand total amount inclusive of all deductions]

To Be Retained by the Organization:An amount of _________ has been received on the salary account number ________ with bank __________ from the organization.

Signature of the employee: ______________

Dated: __________

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