Free Construction Invoice Template

The free construction invoice template is a pre-built template that is used by the company to record the expenses incurred during construction of a building. The construction company sends this invoice to the customer after completion of the work. This contains all the necessary information of cost and expenses incurred during the construction process. This is a very important template as it can be used as a future record to avoid any form of discrepancy or legal hassle. The cost details must be specified so that there are no such confusions regarding payment. The free construction invoice template is important for small and large construction companies.

You can Download the Free Free Construction Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Free Construction Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Free Construction Invoice Template:

Free Construction Invoice Template

Download Free Construction Invoice Template

________________Construction Invoice
Name of the Construction Company: _______________________ [State the registered name of the company]

Contact Information:- [Mention all contact details of the company]


Phone no:_________

Email Address:___________

Customer’s Name: ____________________ [Mention the name of the customer to whom this invoice is addressed]

Address: _____________________

Invoice no._______
Date of billing: ___/__/____ [dd/mm/yy]

Billing Period: __/__/__ to __/_/__ [Specify the time period within which the payment needs to be made]

Construction Cost Details: [Specify the details of the expenses incurred during the construction job]
Description Quantity Rate Total Amount
Bill Details: [State the total required payment to be made after summing up the necessary cost and tax details]


Surcharges and Profits:____
Other Expenses:_______

GRAND TOTAL: _________________

Payment Details: [Mention the necessary payment processes that the customer needs to go through.]
Mode of Payment:_________

Bank Name:____________________

Account Number:_________________

Bank Branch and Address:___________________

Signature:__________________ [The construction agent is required to sign here]

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