Free Legal Invoice Template

Free legal invoice template is a pre-built layout easily available on various websites on huge collection. Each of this bears different kind of pattern and lineation that best match with the need of every individual. However, as legal invoices are subjected to legal terms, one has to be careful with its outlines .Moreover, one should ensure to present it abiding by the prescribed laws of jurisdiction. To do so, prior downloading a free legal invoice template one must check that all the necessities are rightly maintained and keeps provision for the users to personalize it according to their requirements.

You can Download the Free Legal Invoice Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Free Legal Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Free Legal Invoice Template

Free Legal Invoice Template

Download Free Legal Invoice Template

Legal Invoice                                    Invoice no ______

_____________[Here mention the legal organization’s name]

_____________ [here mention the address of the same]

_____________[website of the legal organization]

Dated:__[dd] /__[mm] / ___[yy]

Client’s Information:[Enumerate the details of the client]

Case Number _______________

Client’s name _______________

Address ________________

Contact Number ___________


[Elaborate the details of the legal services that is being provided to the client individually]

No. of services Description of each of the legal services Cost of each services
Advance Payment: [specify the amount already being paid]

Any discount offered:

Service Tax: [specify in percentage]

Grand total amount: ____________ [inclusive of all taxes, deducing the discount and advance payment amount]

Terms and Conditions:

  • Any discrepancy in the invoice is subjected to legal consequences against the party who would be responsible.
  • Payment to be done according to the initial agreement between legal authority and client.
Legal Stamp or Seal

[For acknowledging the Invoice]

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