Free Restaurant Invoice Template

Restaurant invoice template is a pre-constructed layout used for incorporating the billing details that has been incurred in lieu of the services that has been rendered by a restaurant. This kind of document has to be formulated specifically without any inadvertent mistakes so that it could effectively serve as evidence in case of future need. To accomplish this purpose, one can also download free restaurant invoice template that are available in a jiffy on various websites. These can be downloaded and customized according to the need of the restaurant authority.

You can Download the Free Restaurant Invoice Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Free Restaurant Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Free Restaurant Invoice Template

Free Restaurant Invoice Template

Download Free Restaurant Invoice Template

Billing Information

[specify the details of the restaurant by whom the particular invoice template is being used]

Restaurant Name _________

Address _________________

Contact number ___________

Invoice code: ________________ [ specify an invoice identification number which has to be unique so as to avoid confusion in case of future need]

Billing Date: ___________ [specify the date on which the particular invoice is being issued]

Order Delivery Date: ____________ [specify the date of providing on-door services]

Type of cuisine Ordered:


[explicate the food related services offered by the restaurant]


[explicate the cost against each of the services that has been provided by the restaurant]

Total Cost:____________ [specify the sum total cost exclusive of taxes]
Sales Tax Charged
Additional Cost,(if any)
Total amount to be paid(inclusive of all taxes)
Mode of payment: [choose the mode of payment by which the customer has chosen to pay]

  • Credit/ Debit Cards
  • Cash/ Cheque
Special Note: [enumerate a special note for the customer(s).

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