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Sales invoice template is the layout which is being used by almost every business in order to record the sales of their services or products to a customer. This is perhaps the most common document that is being used in the business world. However, it is important for both the buyer and seller as it can serve as an evidential document of payment transaction between both the parties. Different kind of free sales invoice templates are available over internet which contains detailed lineation of a particular sale process. However, one could make customization according to the need as well.

You can Download the Free Free Sales Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Free Sales Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Free Sales Invoice Template

Free Sales Invoice Template

Download Free Sales Invoice Template

_____________Sales Invoice

[Depending on the purpose for which it is being used, the letterhead has to be named]

Invoice no: ___________[specify the unique code of the sales invoice]

Business name: _____________[mention the name of the business by whom the invoice is being presented]

Date:_________[ Specify the date of presenting the sales invoice, this is important as it helps to maintain record of the sales]

Description: [Mention each details of each item involved in the sales process.] Amount: [Specify the cost of each item]
  • ________[description of item 1]
______________[Amount of item 1]
  • ________[description of item 2]
______________[Amount of item 2]
  • ________[description of item 3]
______________[Amount of item 3]
Total amount ____________________ [specify the sum of the amount]

Due: ____________[mention if any amount is yet to be paid]

Due to be paid by; _________[mention the date by which the due amount has to be paid]

Note: [special note if any]

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