Free Travel Invoice Template

A travel invoice template displays the invoice of the travel services provided by a travel agency to a customer. Various free travel invoice template can be found all over the internet which are freely downloadable and are easy to process. The customers who utilized the travel services need to just fill the travel invoice template and send the payment to travel agency for processing. Since most businesses happen thorough the web, the bills for all the travel services are also performed online. This helps in easy filling and payment options which takes less time and saves unnecessary postal charges. The following is a sample free travel invoice template.

Sample Free travel Invoice Template

_________________ [Name of the travel agency]

_______________ [Full address of the travel agency]

_______________ [Contact number]

_______________ [E-mail address]

Travel Invoice

Date of invoice: ___________ [Mention the date in DD/MM/YYYY format]

Invoice unique identification number: ___________[This is to be generated by the travel agency]

Total invoice amount: ____________

Amount paid in advance: __________ [Amount that is already paid by the customer before taking the travel services]

Current amount due: __________ [Amount payable by the customer]

Due date: ______________ [Mention the date in DD/MM/YYYY format]

Payment options: [Give a list of acceptable payments through which the customer can pay for the services taken]

  • Online debit card
  • Online credit card
  • Direct Cash
  • Wire transfer
  • Others, please mention _________________

__________[Click for approval from the travel agency]

List of services provided: [Mention the travel charges, food charges, accommodation charges, etc as applicable]

  • _____________
  • _____________


Signature: ____________ [The customer should be able to write his name as an online signature]

Date: ___________

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