Hotel Bill Receipt Template

Hotel bill receipt template signifies a layout that seeks for incorporation of billing details that has been sustained by the customer(s) on taking hotel services. This kind of document act as a record of the disbursement of all charges that is being paid by the customer(s). Therefore, it has to be definite in nature and one must also ensure that all the important lineation is enumerated essentially in order to present a relevant piece of receipt document in return.

You can Download the Free Hotel Bill Receipt Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Hotel Bill Receipt Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Hotel Bill Receipt Template

Hotel Bill Receipt Template

Download Hotel Bill Receipt Template

Hotel Bill Receipt
Name of the Hotel_______________

Address: __________________

Contact number: _______________

Bill No: [specify an unique number]
Number of hotel rooms booked
Room rate
Room Number
Check in Time and date: [specify time in _____: ______pm/am and date in dd-mm-yy]
Check out Time and date: [specify time in _____: ______pm/am and date in dd-mm-yy]
Room boarded by: __________ [name of the individual]

Address: ___________________[address of the same]

Phone number: ______________

Name of the food services Quantity per unit Total amount
Miscellaneous or other  hotel services Rate of each services Total amount
Percentage of sales tax: ________________ [%]

Grand total amount: _________________ [inclusive of all taxes]

Discount offered: __________[mention if any concession is offered by the hotel authority to the individual]

Payment Mode: [mention the mode of payment by which the individual paid off the charges that are incurred for taking the hotel services]

  • Cash / Cheque
  • Debit/ Credit Cards
Signature of the hotel in-charge /manager:

Signature of the customer:


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