Independent Consultant Invoice Template

Independent consultant invoice template is a pre-developed format used by the consultants for listing the service charges on providing consultancy services independently i.e without intervene of any consultancy company. This kind of document has to be constructed abiding by the rules of framing an officially accepted consultancy invoice.

You can Download the Free Independent Consultant Invoice Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Independent Consultant Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Independent Consultant Invoice Template

Independent Consultant Invoice Template

Download Independent Consultant Invoice Template

Consultant Bill
Invoice Reference Id: ___________[specify a code to the invoice by which it could be identified in future]

Date: __________[specify in mm-yy format]


__________[name of the consultant]

__________[contact details of the consultant in brief]


___________ [name of the client’s company]

___________[contact details of the client’s company in brief]

Working hours devoted per day ______________ [specify the hours of services devoted per day]

Committed rate: ____________ [Based on a parameter mention the rate committed by the client for paying to the consultant]

Type of services provided ___________ [mention the kind of consulting services provided by the consultant]

Area of providing consultation ____________ [mention the area on which the consultant provided services]

Description of the each services provided Hours of services per day Total amount charged for each of the services
Tax Involved __________________ [mention in percentage %]

Grand total amount outstanding (inclusive of all taxes ________________

Preferred payment option: [mention the desirable mode of payment for receiving the outstanding payments]

  • Cheque/ cash
  • NEFT or RTGS
  • Credit card transfer accepted
  • Other preferable mode please specify ______________
Signature of the independent consultant:

Signature of the client company:

[The document is needed to be authorized for making it legally viable]

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