Job Invoice Template

A job invoice template is mostly used in service oriented companies that prepares the job invoice along the length of the project while recording the job related payments, services, work hours, expenses, etc. By using a job invoice template, companies can show the exact expenses incurred during the project and hence take payments accordingly. The job invoice template will include the name of the vendor company, name of the client, project details, and the accumulated expenses for the project. Most of the business establishments use job invoice for their business transactions and to recover their payments. The following sample job invoice template can be useful if your company wants to deal with clients.

Sample Job Invoice Template

____________________ [Name of the service company]

___________________ [Street name, Locality]

___________________ [City, State, Country]

_______________ [Phone number, fax number]

____________________ [Official E-mail address]

_____________ [Name of the Job Invoice template]

Client details:

Invoice for the company: ______________________ [Name of the client company]

Full address: _________________________________

Contact representative: _________________________

Invoice no: ___________[specify the unique code of the sales invoice]

Invoice date: _____________ [Date of sending the invoice to the client]

Breakup of costs for the project _____________________
Date of activity Description [for the activity which incurred costs] Quantity / Hours [as applicable] Rate Total amount

VAT / Service tax: _______________ [As applicable in the country]

Total amount: ____________________ [mention the amount in number]

Payment to be made by: ______________ [Mention the due date of payment in DD/MM/YY format]

Please note: ______________________________________________ [If the vendor wants to mention any terms and conditions or payment delay details]

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