Law Firm Invoice Template

Law firm invoice template is an important paperwork that helps a law firm to save time in constructing itemized bill for the legal services rendered. Such kind of invoice has to be drafted comprehensively with proper mentioning of lineation, as this would deliver information about the amount to the client that has to be paid to the law firm. These invoice templates has to be formulated with utmost effectiveness and abiding by the legal terms subjected for it so that it is highly acceptable.

You can Download the Free Law Firm Invoice Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Law Firm Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Law Firm Invoice Template

Law Firm Invoice Template

Download Law Firm Invoice Template

_________________[Law Firm’s name]

_________________[Address of the law firm]

_________________[Phone number of the law firm]


[ a mission statement of the law firm that briefly defines its objective]

Invoice No: [Elaborate the details of the petitioner by whom the particular case is being filed]

Petitioner’s name:

Address of the petitioner:

Contact Number:

Date of filing the case:

Case File No:
Date of issuing the invoice:
Serial No: Date of trials Description of the legal services Expenses incurred
Percentage of service tax: _____________

Grand Total amount: ____________[specify it inclusive of all taxes]

Advance payment amount: ______________[mention the amount that has been paid already]

Official stamp of the law firm:

[This would symbolize that the invoice document is authentic and acknowledged by the law office]


An amount of _________ has been credited by me on the account number ___________ on the name of the beneficiary _________ [“law office” name] on date ___________ for the legal services that I have received. I, hereby, retain a copy of the original invoice.

Signature of the Petitioner: ________

Date: _____________

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