Law Office Invoice Template

Law office invoice template is a yet-to-be –filled document that outlines lineation to incorporate billing information of a client. These are generally initiated by law offices on providing legal services. Therefore, this ready-to-use layout has to be drafted in a way so that it fulfils almost all the requirement related to itemize billing of legal services. Moreover, this also serve as a record of services that is being provided on behalf of legal office and also help in keeping track of the transactions taking place on the organization. Hence, it has to be constructed effectively and with utmost precision.

You can Download the Free Law Office Invoice Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Law Office Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Law Office Invoice Template

Law Office Invoice Template

Download Law Office Invoice Template

INVOICE Invoice Code:

Legal Case No:

Invoice Date:

___________[name of the law office]

___________[address of the law office]

___________[contact number]

___________ [official website address]

Payment has to be made by: [Elaborate the details of the client by whom the payment has to be made]

Client’s name: _________________

Address of the client ____________

Phone number ____________

Serial No: Name and description of each services Cost of each services
Service Tax Percentage: ________________ [%]

Payment made in advance: _________ [mention the already paid amount, if any]

Grand Total amount[inclusive of all taxes and deducing the advance payment made by client]

Stamp or official seal of the law office:
To Be Retained By the Law Office:

An amount of ______________ [$], which has been incurred as service charge has been credited to the account number __________ on the name of the law office on ____________ date.

Signature of the client:



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