Law Service Invoice Template

Law service invoice template is a pre-developed format that delineate each sections with headings related to expenses incurred by legal services provided. This kind of invoices helps in maintaining record of the transaction in a legal organization and the services that is being delivered by them. However, this kind of invoice template has to be drafted strictly following the rules of each law organization or lawyer by whom the legal service(s) is being provided. Moreover, each of the legal service must have separate provision for specifying and should also have the flexibility of customization.

You can Download the Free Law Service Invoice Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Law Service Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Law Service Invoice Template

Law Service Invoice Template

Download Law Service Invoice Template

Law Service Invoice

Invoice Ref. No:

Invoice Dated:

Case No:

Date of Filing the Case:

Lawyer’s detail: [elaborate the contact details of the lawyer]

Lawyer’s name: _______________

Address: ___________

Contact Number: __________

Petitioner’s Detail: [elaborate the contact details of the petitioner]

Petitioner’s name: ____________

Address: ___________

Contact Number: ___________

Sl No: Date of legal hearing Elaborate the legal services provided in details Cost of each service
Additional Expenses: [specify the other charges]

Service Tax Percentage: ______________ [%]

Concession:_____________ [if any]

Grand total amount: ___________ [specify the amount excluding the concessions and including all taxes associated with the service]

Terms and Conditions

  • The petitioner should pay the grand total amount within the reserved time.
  • Violating any terms might lead to legal consequences against the responsible party.
Signature of the lawyer: _________________

Dated: ___________

To be reserved by the lawyer:

I have made the payment of ____________ on account number ___________ on the date _________.

Signature of the petitioner:

Dated: _____________

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