Lawyer Invoice Template

A lawyer invoice template is the finest pictorial description of the work details and transactions initiated and completed with clients by a lawyer. It provides a multilevel format of the legal encounters that a lawyer enters into and creates an excel-like presentation of the processes. It makes the calculations of the total amounts from the line items, vertical and horizontal, easier. Certain software systems from online stores readily provide these invoice templates and lawyers do not have to recreate those. The various items like dates of sessions, case or event description, money bills and case expenses are fine-tuned within the template structure and customised according to the situation.

You can Download the Free Lawyer Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Lawyer Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Lawyer Invoice Template

Lawyer Invoice Template

Download Lawyer Invoice Template

Name: ________ [Provide the name of the lawyer] Address (office): ________ [Provide full address of the lawyer] Invoice date: _____ [Give the date of invoice preparation]
Case title: ________ [Mention the title of the appointed case] Name of the client: ________ [Mention full name of the client] Service period: ____ [date of formal beginning] to ____ [date of closing]
Outline of professional encounters Service for which fee is charged Statements Chargeable amount
________ [first encounter/session] _______ [state the nature of first service] _____________ [Describe the events of the first encounter] ________ [specify the 1st amount]
_________ [second encounter/session] ________ [state the nature of second service] ____________ [Describe the events of the second encounter] ________ [specify the 2nd amount]
_________ [third encounter/session] ________ [state the nature of third service] _____________ [Describe the events of the third encounter] ________ [specify the 3rd amount]
Signature: ________ [Provide signature] ____________________ [Calculate the total amount here]

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