Lease Invoice Template

A lease invoice template provides a clear outline of the various details that are to be included in an invoice issued to register any type of a lease agreement or contract. A lease invoice is generally prepared by the lessor and given to the lessee, stating clearly every clause that forms a part of the deal. The invoice should contain legal as well as financial aspects of the lease and should necessarily be signed by both parties and by a law practitioner and witnesses to the lease agreement. A lease invoice should be prepared very carefully and the template should be plain and simple to offer easy understanding.

You can Download the Free Lease Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Lease Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Lease Invoice Template:

Lease Invoice Template

Download Lease Invoice Template

Lease Invoice

_____________________________________ [name]

___________________________ [address]

____________________ [contact details]

[mention the details of the leasing company in letterhead format]

Lease given by: _______________________________ [hereafter referred to as the lessor]

[provide proper details]

Lease given to: ________________________________ [hereafter referred to as the lessee]

[mention proper details]

Lease validity: _______________ [date of commencement of lease] to _______________ [date of termination of lease]

[give proper dates]

Nature of lease:


[briefly mention the type and give details of the properties of the lease]

Sl. No. Lease terms and conditions [clearly mention and give details of the various terms and conditions of the lease] Penalties

[mention the punishments and legal measures to be taken by the authorities if the terms are not abided by]

Payment structure:

_______________________________________________ [give details of all payments to be made, showing costs for each aspect]

Initial payment of ___________________ [give the correct amount] done on _____________ [mention the date], in ____________ [cash or cheque]

___________________ [Cheque number, if required]

Payment due: ______________________ [mention the amount that is to be paid]

By: ____________ [give the last date of payment]

Rental charges: __________________ [give details of the rents]

________________ [mention the time span – monthly, weekly, etc.]


___________________________ [lessor]

___________________________ [lessee]

___________________________ [witness 1]

___________________________ [witness 2]

___________________________ [advocate]

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