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The lease invoice template is created for the purpose of documenting the leasing transaction between the lessor and the lessee. This is created periodically and records all the expenses incurred by the lessee or tenant for taking a certain given property, equipment, space etc on lease. The expenses also include rent that is fixed prior to the agreement signed by both parties. It is also necessary that the template is kept simple for the understanding of the tenant and owner alike. There should be careful recording of all the details of the leased property. The lease invoice template must ensure that provision for declaring all the tenets are well outlined before it is dispatched.

  • Provision for incorporating the details of both the parties involved has to be specified at the initial stage.
  • Spaces for detailing fees, rent and charges should be stated in an orderly manner and a separate space for mentioning the grand total amount has to be outlined in order to avoid any confusion.
  • The mode, method and date of payment should also have individual spaces to be mentioned in the lease invoice template. ┬áMost importantly, a separate provision has to be devoted to define the terms, on violation of which it would lead to legal obligations.

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