Legal Billing Invoice Template

Legal billing invoice template is a pre-developed layout presented by the law firm to the concern client outlining the total amount that is needed to be paid in return of a legal dealing. This kind of a document not only serves as an evidence of the bill that has to be reimbursed by the client but it is a record of payment for both parties involved which could be referred incase of future contrariety. Therefore, this kind of a document must be formulated effectively and with a detailed approach incorporating all the important elements of a legal billing process.

You can Download the Free Legal Billing Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Legal Billing Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Legal Billing Invoice Template

Legal Billing Invoice Template

Download Legal Billing Invoice Template

Law firm: ______ [specify the name of the legal organization]

Logo _________[mention the logo of the legal organization]

Address: __________[specify the address and contact details of the same]

Invoice no: ________ [unique number of the bill should be specified for future reference]

Billing Date: _______ [dd/mm/yy mention the date of formulating the invoice]

INVOICE FOR: [mention the parameters for which the invoice is being prepared] SERVICE NOTE: [specify the legal services that is being provided for each of parameters considered for the invoice or billing]
Total Amount: ___________[mention the total amount that has to be paid by the client to the legal firm in return of the services that is being provided]
Signature of the legal prosecutor ____________[authorization of the lawyer who has formulated the invoice should be specified]

Signature of the client ________________ [authorization of the client party]

Place: ___________

Date: ___________[ specify the date of authorizing the invoice]

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