Legal Invoice Template

A legal invoice is a record or detail of sales with the name of the client and information about the legal firm by whom it is being presented. Hence, legal invoice template is a pre-built layout which provisions all the necessary details that has to be mentioned. Even, this kind of an invoice serves as a record of bill for both the client and the legal prosecutor and could be presented in case of any alteration in future regarding the payment. Therefore, creating an effective template for the purpose along with outlining the necessary details regarding the payment bill is important.

You can Download the Free Legal Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Legal Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Legal Invoice Template

Legal Invoice Template

Download Legal Invoice Template

Logo _______________[mention the logo of the legal organization initially which would depict its purpose or the motive]

Legal Organization/ lawyer ______________ [name of the legal organization or lawyer by whom the invoice is being prepared]

Contact Details _____________

Invoice Date _________________[dd/mm/yy, specify the date on which the legal invoice is formulated]

Invoice Reference id _____________ [specify a unique reference identification code or number for the legal invoice so that it could be presented incase of future necessity]

INVOICE MADE FOR: [specify the components considered for preparing the legal invoice] SERVICE NOTE: [mention the legal services that are being provided for each of the component considered ] AMOUNT [mention the amount for each service]
Authorization of the legal organization _____________ [an authorization is necessary on an invoice and it would enhance its importance]

Authorization by the client ___________[ an authorization from client party is also required]

TOTAL AMOUNT: _________

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