Open Office Sales Invoice Template

Documenting an effective sales invoice actually depicts the professionalism of the business to its client and customers. It is always desirable that instead of giving generic or handwritten invoice one can also create it in computer by the help of Open office software. This is a portable office software suite used for creating spreadsheets, word processing, databases etc and through it sales invoice database can also be maintained effectively. Nevertheless, in order to gain maximum advantage and convenience from this software one must ensure to outline the template essentially as well.

You can Download the Free Open Office Sales Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Open Office Sales Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Open office sales invoice template

Open Office Sales Invoice Template

Download Open Office Sales Invoice Template

Sales Invoice of ____________                       Invoice No: ____

[Specify the name of the sales invoice on the letter-head section of the document]

Business name: ________________

[The company name by whom the sales invoice is being generated have to be stated]

Business signature: ______________

[A business signature statement can be specified following the business name.]

Bill To: [specify the details to whom the bill of sales or invoice is being presented]

Date: _______________[specify the date in dd-mm-yy format]

Name: _______________[name of the client/customer]

______________ [name of the company, institution or business]

_________________ [address of the same]

Shipping methods: _____________ [State how the goods are being delivered to the concern person/business by whom the bill has to be paid.]

Item Description Quantity and amount
Total Amount to be paid: _________________________

Discount (if any): _____________________

Due amount: ___________________

Terms and Conditions: [Specify the detailed terms and conditions that are to be abided by both the buyer and seller.]

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