Property Lease Invoice Template

A property lease invoice template is a document which aims to provide a basic outline following which property lease invoices can be framed with ease and perfection. It acts as a guide which provides a clear and comprehensive structure of the property lease template, allowing both professionals and amateurs to follow it and alter it as and when the situation so demands. The property lease invoice template must be written carefully so as to eliminate all inadvertent errors. It should be comprehensive and make provision for inclusion of all necessary data about the property lease like duration of lease, the names of lessor and lessee and so on.

You can Download the Free Property Lease Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Property Lease Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Property Lease Invoice Template:

Property Lease Invoice Template

Download Property Lease Invoice Template

Property Lease Invoice


________________________[Mention the name of the agency for which the invoice will be created, i.e., the lessor]

Name of lessee: _______________________ Name of lessor: _______________________
Address of lessee: ______________________ Address of lessor: _____________________
Duration of the property lease agreement: _____________ [dd/mm/yy] to ___________ [dd/mm/yy] [Mention the dates of commencement and termination of the property lease deal]
Scheme for the payment of rental charges on the property to be leased

[Mention the name of the month]

Rate of interest charged Total amount to be paid as monthly rental charges
Month 1: __________________ Rate of interest for month 1: ___________ Amount 1: ____________
Month 2: ___________________ Rate of interest for month 2: ____________ Amount 2: ____________
Mention the relevant data for all the months of the property lease to ensure transparency.
Signature of lessor: _________________           Signature of lessee: _________________
Date: _____________________                                                   Place: ____________________

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