Restaurant Invoice Template

Restaurant invoice template is a pre-developed format used for detailing the cost that has been incurred due to the services rendered by it to its customer(s). This kind of documents is extremely important as it serves as a record and proof for the service provider and consumer. Hence, such kind of a template has to be drafted with utmost proficiency so as to avoid any heedless errors.

You can Download the Free Restaurant Invoice Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Restaurant Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Restaurant Invoice Template

Restaurant Invoice Template

Download Restaurant Invoice Template

Restaurant Invoice
__________ [name of the restaurant]

___________[address of the restaurant]

___________[contact number of the same]

Invoice number: _______________ [an unique code of reference for maintaining it as a future record]

Date _________________ [specify in dd-mm-yy format so as to define the date of releasing the invoice]

Money Deliver Through: Cash/ Cheque/ Internet Banking/ Debit or Credit Cards.

Services or Food Items

[detail the service(s) and food items that are being provided to the customer (s) by the particular restaurant]


[specify the amount against each of the service(s) and food items provided]

Additional charges: ___________[ mention the additional charges that has been incurred due to other services like food parcel etc]

Delivery cost(if any) ________________ [specify the delivery cost, if any]

Total amount: _____________[mention the sum total amount that has been incurred]

Sales Tax: _____________ [specify the sales tax that is being charged on the total amount]

Amount to be paid: ______________ [mention the amount to be paid by the customer(s), inclusive of all taxes]

Note: [Specify any special lineament that has been assigned by the restaurant authority for the concern customer (s)]

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