Sample Consulting Invoice Template

Sample consulting invoice template signifies how an itemized bill on rendering consultancy services is constructed. Thus, it has to be relevant and actual yet constructed in a general approach so that it could be used essentially for all kind of consultancy services. Moreover, this also helps the drafter to get an idea about how this official document could be presented in proper language and with appropriate lineation.

You can Download the Free Sample Consulting Invoice Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Sample Consulting Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Consulting Invoice Template

Sample Consulting Invoice Template

Download Sample Consulting Invoice Template

Consulting Invoice
[details of the consultancy and the other company who has hired it for acquiring consultation]

Consulting Firm:

________________ [name of the consultancy]

________________ [address of the same]

________________ [Contact number]

Hired By:

________________ [name of the company who has hired the consulting firm]

________________ [address of the same]

________________ [contact number]

Hired for a period of_______ years/ months days which starts from ___ [mm] – _____ [yy] and continues till ___ [mm] – _____ [yy]

Type of Consultancy Services Provided: __________________

Earlier billing amount: _________ or N/A

Invoice code:
Date of issuing:
Invoice created by
Name of the prime consultant
Name of the sub consultant Project location and type of consultancy provided Total cost incurred
Taxes involved in providing consultancy services ___________ [mention in percentage %]

Grand total amount_______________ [mention the sum total amount inclusive of all taxes]

Preferred mode of payment: [mention the preferred mode of payment through which the consulting firm wish to acquire their payment]

[authorization is essential for this kind of official paperwork as this make the document valid for any future need]

Signature of the consulting firm:

Signature of the company’s manager:



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