Sample Job Invoice Template

A sample job invoice template provides the invoice report of a company on a specific project that is taken on contract from the client by the vendor. Most of the invoices are generated with specific purchase order as provided by the client. The ongoing project related costs are to be updated to the client but at the end of the project, all the consolidated costs are to be shown to the client. The costs should contain the amount incurred in number of hours worked by employees, material costs, overhead costs, etc. The following is a sample job invoice template for your reference.

Sample Job Invoice Template



Client name: ______________________ [Name of the client company]

Full official address: Address line1: ___________________ [Street name, Locality]

Address line2: ___________________ [City, State, Country]

Contact details: _______________ [Phone number, fax number]

Contact person: _______________ [Representative for the project]

Company details:

Name: ____________________ [Name of the service company]

Full address: Address line1: ___________________ [Street name, Locality]

Address line2: ___________________ [City, State, Country]

_______________ [Phone number, fax number]

Contact e-mail id: ____________________ [Official E-mail address]

Invoice details:

Invoice number: ___________ [as generated by the company]

Purchase order number: ___________ [as given by the client]

Terms: ___________________ [payment method, time period from sending invoice, etc]

Tax rate: ______________

Invoice date: _____________ [Date of preparing the invoice]

Payment due date: _______________ [mention by taking terms period into consideration]

Description [for the activity getting billed] Rate [price or billing as applicable] Quantity [of the material or hours of employees] VAT% [as applicable in the country] Gross total
Net amount: ____________________ [considering the tax %]

Invoice Template

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