Sample Legal Invoice Template

A sample legal invoice template is generally designed in a way such that it outlines every detail that is to be involved in the sample of a legal invoice. A legal invoice is issued in cases where transactions have been conducted for certain purposes, under lawful conditions. The receipt or the bill given after completion of planning the framework of certain legal happenings and corresponding documents is actually the invoice, which serves significant purposes in official works and the corporate sector. The template should thus be planned and presented in such a manner that it gives a clear picture of the necessary details that are to be filled in by the involved parties.

You can Download the Free Sample Legal Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Sample Legal Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Legal Invoice Template:

Sample Legal Invoice Template

Download Sample Legal Invoice Template

__________________[name of the company]


_______________________[contact details]

[This section should include details of the company in letterhead format]

Invoice No.: ____________________ [provide the serial number of the invoice]
Date: _____________ [give the date on which the invoice is prepared]
Customer id: ______________ [mention the identification number of client]
Bill sent to: [provide details of the involved company, business firm or individual]

__________________ [Name]


_____________________[Contact details]

Details of the contract:

________________________________________[briefly mention the contract for which the invoice is prepared]

Sl. No. Particulars of invoice

[mention the relevant topics and items included]


[give a proper description of the invoice particulars from the legal point of view]

Payment done

[mention the amount that has been paid]

Payment to be made

[mention the amount that is still to be cleared]

Signature: [provide the signatures of the company representatives]

______________________________ [Company 1]

______________________________ [Company 2]

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