Sample Sales Invoice Template

Sample sales invoice template represents the lineation of a sales process which involves monetary transaction. This kind of sample helps in building up effective sales layout according to the requirement. Such a document plays imperative role in business process as it helps in maintaining the record of all the monetary dealings. Moreover, it has to be build essentially so that it could serve as a proof which denotes what has been purchased, when, how much does it cost and by whom it has been sold. Customers must ask for their sales invoice while making any purchase as because it can be referred incase of any future problem.

You can Download the Free Sample Sales Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Sample Sales Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Sales Invoice Template

Sample Sales Invoice Template

Download Sample Sales Invoice Template

___________ Sales Invoice

[specify the name of the sales invoice on the letter-head]

Name of the business: ____________________ [Mention the name of the business by whom the sales invoice is being presented.]

Address:_______________[mention the address of the business]

Date: _________[dd-mm-yy specify the date of issuing the sales invoice, this is important for future reference]

Invoice number: _____________ [state the unique number or code of the particular sales invoice so that it could be referred for future need]

Name of the Items [specify the item’s name involved in the sales process] Amount [specify the amount of each items]
Total Amount: _________________ [Specify the total amount that is to be paid by the person to whom the sales invoice is being presented.]
Payment Mode: [Specify the payment mode by which the customer or client would clear the amount that is needed to be paid.]

  • ____________[payment mode 1]
  • ____________[payment mode 2]

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