Sample Travel Invoice Template

A sample travel invoice template provides the template design of a travel invoice which has different segments for the travel trip details and mentions features offered throughout, extra charges as applicable, miscellaneous charges, etc. The travel invoice template can also be used as the legal document of the contract between the customer and a travel agency. It serves as the proof of the travel which can be used for further reimbursement or tax exemption. The taxes applicable as per the country’s law are included in the travel invoice template and the net amount is charged. The following is a sample travel invoice template for your reference.

Sample Travel Invoice Template

_________________ [Name of the travel company]

____________________ [Logo of the travel company]

_______________ [Full address of the travel agency]

_______________ [Contact number]

_______________ [E-mail address]


_____________ [Name of the customer]

Full address: ___________________________________ [Street, city, state, country]

Contact no: _________________ [Prefix the STD code at the start of the number]

Date of invoice: ___________ [Mention the date in DD/MM/YYYY format]

Invoice unique identification number: ___________[This is to be generated by the travel agency]

Travel dates- From: ____________ [Start date]

To: _________ [End date] [Provide the dates only in DD/MM/YYYY format]

Detailed travel invoice
Sl. No Quantity Description Line price Line total
Gross total chargeable

Signature of the company: ________________

Date: _________________

Please send the amount by demand draft (DD) by ______________ [insert the due date of payment] payable in favor of __________________

Please get in touch with _______________ [name of the contact representative] for any queries or clarifications.

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