Travel Agency Invoice Template

A travel agency invoice template is a readily available document that can be used to fill the travel details as incurred by a travel agency for a trip. It lists all the expenses incurred in the whole process of the trip and can be instantly filled once such an expense is undertaken. The travel agency invoice template is a handy and easy to use document that travel agency representatives can carry along and submit at the end of the trip to their supervisors. The travel agency invoice template can save enormous amount of time. The following is a sample travel agency invoice template that can be used to prepare a travel agency invoice customized to the requirements of the travel agency.

Sample Travel Agency Invoice Template

_________________ [Name of the travel agency]

Address: _______________ [Full address of the travel agency]

Phone: _______________ [Contact number]

Website: _______________

Travel Agency Invoice

Date of invoice: ___________ [Mention the date in DD/MM/YYYY format]

Invoice Id: ___________ [identification number for the invoice]

Trip Details:

From: ___________ [Starting point] To: ___________ [Destination point]

Total duration – __________ days __________ hours

Number of travelers: ____________

Total invoice amount: ____________

Deposited amount: __________ [Advance payment as deposit]

Net amount due: __________ [Amount payable by the customer]

Due date: ______________ [Mention the date in DD/MM/YYYY format]

Payment mode: [Ways by which the customer can make payments to the travel agency]

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Direct Cash

Bank transfer

Services provided:

  • Transportation: _____________
  • Lodge: _____________
  • Tour: _____________
  • Food: ______________

Others: ____________

Signature: ____________ [Signature of the representative or head of the travel agency]

Date: ___________



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