Travel Expense Invoice Template

A travel expense invoice template can be used for several purposes. An employee can generate a travel expense invoice template to show the business travel related expenses to his employer for reimbursement. A travel expense invoice template could also be used by the travel agencies to show their total breakup of travel expenses to their customers. The travel expenses would normally include the air or road charges through different kinds of vehicles, the food charges, the accommodation charges, the entry charges (if any) and other miscellaneous items. A travel expense invoice template can be used to check if the total travel allowance is being utilized for travel purposes and if they are within the estimated budget. The following is a sample travel expense invoice template.

Sample Travel Expense Invoice Template

_____________ Travel expense invoice

_________________ [Name of the employee or travel agency]

Purpose of travel: _______________________ [specify the business need]

Approved by: _______________ [applicable for an employee]

Invoice no: ___________[sequential invoice number]

Travel dates: From _____________ to: ______________ [Mention the dates in DD/MM/YY format]

Total hours / days of travel: ______________ [Mention in dd:hh:mm format]

Total expenses incurred in travel – Detailed Descriptions
Purpose [mention the business need] Date [Mention in DD/MM/YY format] Mode / Location Amount
Expense for transportation
Expense for accommodation
Expense for food
Expense for other miscellaneous needs
Total amount

Other Charges:

  • VAT / Service tax: _______________ [As applicable in the country]
  • Others, please mention: ____________________

Total amount: ____________________ [mention the amount in number]

Signature: _________________ [Mention the name of the employee if it is online]

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