Travel Service Invoice Template

A travel service invoice can be used when one travel company provides travel services to any other company. A travel service invoice template is a ready to use document which lays down the format in which a travel service invoice should be constructed. One of the cases when a travel service template can be used is when a particular travel company provides inbound and outbound travel to employees of the other company. The travel service invoice template lists the type of travel service provided, the number of people to whom the travel service is provided, the frequency of travel, and the charges applicable. The following is a sample travel service invoice template.

Sample Travel Service Invoice Template

Travel service invoice

_________________ [Name of the travel company or travel agency]

Address line1: ______________________________ [House number, society name]

Address line2: ______________________________ [land mark, area, city]

State: ____________ Country: _________________

Phone number: _________________ [any contact number- office phone or mobile phone]

Fax: ______________ E-mail address: ______________________

Purpose of travel: _______________________ [specify the business need]

Invoice no: ___________[sequential invoice number]

Travel dates: From _____________ to: ______________ [Mention the dates in DD/MM/YY format]

Total hours / days of travel: ______________ [Mention in dd:hh:mm format]

Total expenses incurred in travel – Detailed Descriptions
Descriptive Travel type [vehicle, mode, etc] Number of passengers
Service description Date [Mention in DD/MM/YY format] Amount per traveler Total amount
Total amount

Other Charges:

  • VAT / Service tax: _______________ [As applicable in the country]
  • Others, please mention: ____________________

Total amount: ____________________ [mention the amount in number]

Signature: _________________ [Travel company signature]

Date: ________________

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